01. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison, but was [released] after 7 years for good behavior.
02. Martin Luther King observed that hatred paralyzes life, whereas love [releases] it.
03. The government has just [released] a statement saying they will do everything to cooperate during the investigation into corruption.
04. The British punk band is holding a party to celebrate the [release] of their newest CD.
05. The Cuban government announced today the [release] of over 100 political prisoners.
06. A black bear was captured in the city, and later [released] in a forested area about 100 miles from here.
07. Playing squash is a good way of [releasing] stress at the end of the day.
08. After his [release] from prison, Nelson Mandela became the President of South Africa.
09. Robert Schuller once said, "Let your imagination [release] your imprisoned possibilities."
10. Sweat [releases] warm water from the body, which cools as the moisture evaporates off the skin.
11. In autumn, the earth slowly [releases] the heat it has stored throughout the summer.
12. In September 1951, a baby in Vancouver, B.C. was stung 447 times by wasps, and lived. The boy had to be hospitalized, and was [released] after twenty days of treatment.
13. Nearly 43 percent of convicted criminals serving prison sentences in the United States are re-arrested within a year of being [released] from jail.
14. When he landed, he had to [release] his parachute before the wind caught it, and dragged him.
15. Supermodel Cindy Crawford's fitness video sold over two million copies within a month of its [release].
16. Our market researchers are responsible for getting feedback from potential customers before a new product is [released].
17. When the hunter got to the edge of the forest, he [released] his dogs.
18. Good cheese should be left to sit at room temperature for 2 hours before serving to [release] the flavor.
19. The human rights organization Amnesty International seeks the [release] of men and women detained anywhere for their beliefs, color, sex, ethnic origin, language or religion.
20. A recent media [release] has confirmed the President's plans to visit the region hit hardest by the hurricane.
21. Scientists believe that at various times in the distant past huge volumes of water were [released] on Mars resulting in catastrophic flooding.

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